“Paradise” out NOW

Nashville based pop artist, Drew Schueler is continuing to define his blossoming artistry with his vibrant, memorable new single, “Paradise”. Unique and on the leading edge of mainstream pop, Schueler masterfully weaves catchy melodies with his pure vocal delivery in a similar fashion of Lauv, LANY, and Justin Bieber.

Following the format of his previous releases, Schueler produced and mixed the entire song himself, allowing him the ability to maintain a consistent vision start to end. The chill, vibey verses are starkly contrasted with a driving, infectious chorus and keeps the momentum for the whole song.

In Schueler’s words, “creating ‘Paradise’ was a constant learning process for me. I knew what I wanted it to sound like in my head and I had to figure out exactly what I needed to do to get that out for others to hear, and honestly I’m so proud of where it is now. I can honestly say I’ve never worked harder on a song in my life so far.”

Along with his growing artist career, Schueler is a thriving songwriter, instrumentalist and producer, working out of his studio in Nashville.


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